Friday, May 16, 2008

Asian Market

On a recent lunch excursion to #1 Pho (3120 Superior Ave), I couldn’t help but notice the large “Grand Opening” signs plastered along East 30th for the opening of “Park and Shop” a new Asian Market in Downtown Cleveland. As we sat and ate I couldn’t stop thinking of the new grocery store, so we had to stop in on our way back to the office and explore the vibrant, oh so delicate packaging designs.

As we pulled into the parking lot a few things automatically made this new find a complete “gem”...I mean what other grocery store would welcome your arrival with concrete Foo Dogs (Imperial Dragons) at the front door?

The store was brightly lit and clean with the faint sounds of eighties American pop music in the air. The staff was excited to have visitors and we were even more thrilled to explore.

With no intentions of shopping (I should know better), I discovered an assortment of ginger candies, lemon wafer cookies, pastel hard candies, and salted pumpkin seeds, all wrapped individually and with layers upon layers of design details. As we explored the entire store, including the boundless rows of noodles, rice papers and teas, we discovered more and more things we "needed." This was just a quick pit stop on our way back to the office...but I MUST go back soon for a big grocery shopping trip.

Take time out from the usual stores such as Heinens and Giant Eagle and go out of your way to explore this new market, it will most definite excite your senses! :)

Park & Shop. 1580 East 30th. Cleveland


Blogger amynilsen said...

My husband and I stopped by this place yesterday and it is an amazing treat for the senses. There are some very interesting that stuck in my mind was the can of baby

May 18, 2008 at 10:34 AM  

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