Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Hour in the Park

As the week comes to a close my favorite place to spend my summertime Friday night happy hour is in our amazing Metroparks System.

Have you been into the woods lately? Seen the prancing deer at nightfall? Have you noticed how the once delicate spring flowers have now taken root and have matured to strong fixtures of the forest floor? If not, you are missing out on one of Northeast Ohio’s hidden gems.

Like many of you I enjoy a stiff vodka soda with a lime at happy hour, lately it’s just something about the way the air feels as it sails over my shiny bike helmet that keeps me buzzed on Friday evenings. It’s the feeling of freedom after a week of commitments, deadlines and budgets. It’s the way the light shines through the trees. The park is a place where I find myself centered and inspired to take on the weekend in a fresh creative manner. Perhaps it was the way I was raised? Camping, hiking, picking up all the sticks in the yard (for my allowance of course!) I was brought up to get outdoors and reap the benefits.

For the past few weeks, when Friday nights rolls around and I enter the park, the temps are dramatically cooler than the house-lined streets above. The air seems to be cleaner and moves along the paths so quickly. If you think it’s too hot, I bet you would find the urban oasis a cool retreat from your front porch or local bar patio. This summer when you are looking for a way to get recharged and excited to take on a new day...make your way into the woods. Whether it be for a long walk with your favorite four-legged friend, a round of golf, a long bike ride, maybe it’s just to sit by the river and read? There are endless possibilities of how you can enjoy the parks in your neighborhood.

To catch one of the many events (from music in the park to guided hikes), or for maps/directions visit I hope to see many of you for “happy hour” and hear of your adventures too!

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