Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fair time. (8/05-10)

Can you believe it’s August? I can’t. I still have lots of things I need to “get in” to call it an official summer. A game of put put golf at Memphis Kiddie Park. A few more trips out on the Kayaks. Ice cream at Honey Hut and perhaps even an evening of firefly collecting (just kidding...sorta). But most of all summer in Cleveland wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the fair!

The Cuyahoga County Fair runs now until Sunday at the Berea Fairgrounds. Pack your Purell and go to oogle the baby pigs and cows, the best tasting blueberry pies, the gorgeous gladiolas grown-locally and more. General admission is $5.95 (children 3-12 yrs old $4.95) or after 9:30 pm, $3.00. If you want to take a spin on the Ferris wheel or bumper cars (my favorite) ride tickets are $.50 each (2 tickets per ride) or purchase an all-day ride band for just $12.

What could be more summer than a evening at the fair? Cotton Candy (love the sweet smell and baby pink hue) and corn on the cob. Live music and motor sports. Activities for you (flea market) the kids (bubble gum blowing contest) and your strange “uncle Eric” (the great bear show). Add it to this weekend’s list.

For fair schedule, directions and more information visit www.cuyfair.com

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