Wednesday, September 24, 2008

America Runs on Dunkin!

The week of coffee reports continues...

This morning I was in a hurry to get to a meeting and decided to take the "drive-through" approach...Dunkin Doughnuts here I come.

A medium hazelnut coffee, 1 splenda & milk + 2 chocolate doughnut holes. Not only was the coffee very hot with the perfect amount of milk (I wonder how the coffee fairies know how much I like?) it was a brief reminder of my days living in New England. If you have ever visited ME, MA or CT you'll find that New England runs on Dunkin though they must sprinting to the midwest because I see new locations popping up everywhere.

More affordable than the other national chains (my total bill was $1.75...a quarter back!) the bright pink, orange and chocolate brown branding makes this coffee house super-chic and even a bit sassy. Next time you are driving to a meeting and want a good cup of Hazelnut Coffee, drive through your local Dunkin Doughnuts...but good luck leaving without a doughnut! :)

For locations, drinks and specials visit

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