Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday soak.

As the holiday parties, dinners, cocktails and merriment swing into full effect one can get pretty run down. A few years ago while visiting my sister in London I stumbled upon the best handmade bath and body store one could ever envision. Stocked with handmade soaps, jars of cream and fragrance spritz...this place with the "bom."

Flash forward a few years and Lush (www.lushusa.com) has now made it's way to the US and you too can get your fix at Beachwood Place (www.beachwoodplace.com) in Lyndhurst.

My favorite Lush product is their bath bombs. Pop one in a pre-run bath and watch it erupt in a mass of fragrant fizzing, gently scenting the water with natural essential oils.

A few of the best "flavors" to get you through the next two weeks are the Christmas Party Bath Bom (enough good cheer to last a whole evening. Revitalizing orange and lime to get the party started, then add cognac essential oil for a bit of festive spirit), the Jingle Spells Bath Bom (Juniperberry, tangerine and fennel revive and stimulate. For a magic spell to get you through the effects of seasonal excess, cast one of these purple bombs into your bath and soak), and Snowdrops Bath Bomb (The head-clearing, reviving citrus scents of mandarin and grapefruit in this very seasonal bath bomb are enhanced with the added genius of a dash of peppermint to give you the most amazing, life-affirming bath ever to sneak up on you.)

I'm telling you, these bath fizzies are most certainly worth a trip to the mall during this shopping season. Your fizzie bath awaits! :)

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Blogger danielle said...

what timing! i just used a lush bath bomb for the first time this week, it was AMAZING! my skin felt so great from it.

December 16, 2008 at 8:16 AM  

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