Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eat a Book (2/07)

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Joseph Beth Books at Legacy Village invites you to join them as they welcome author and budhist psychologist Pavel Somov as he introduces his new book "Eating the Moment."

This book is filled with techniques, exercises and tools to help you control overeating. These practices can be used at mealtimes to develop a more positive and healthy relationship to food. You'll learn to develop awareness of the experience of eating and become more centered around your eating. By developing habitual awareness and a playful attitude about the process of eating, you will find that your eating slows down, becoming less compulsive and dictated by external forces such as boredom, emotional pain, or habit.

There are 141 specific exercises in the book to promote mindful eating. Also included are brief discussions of why we eat and stop eating, mindfulness principles, finding meaning in food and the act of eating, and guidance for developing a personal "philosophy of eating."

Somov will be on hand at 2pm to discuss the thought behind the book and the helpful techniques. Book signing available. www.josephbeth.com

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