Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bob Evans in Esquire

Every once and awhile I do a huge magazine purge. I plan on a few hours, a few glasses of wine and a few boxes of paper recycling! I plan on also discovering many fun and exciting things I get to share with all of you!

Open...the March Issue of Esquire Magazine (one of my favorite subscriptions)

The editors at Esquire have spoken and Ohio-based Bob Evans makes the cut for top hot spots in Ohio for the perfect breakfast (along with Tommy’s on Coventry). They rave about the pig sausage and farmhouse butter biscuits being a perfect chain feast, with the best “grease to gristle ratio,” (my arteries already feel tight)

Anyways, I thought today I would offer a bit of breakfast inspiration as well as Ohio/ Bob Evans History for those of us who aren’t super familiar with “bob.” Enjoy.

In 1948, Bob Evans opened a 12-stool, 24-hour restaurant where he served hot, homestyle meals at a value. When he couldn’t find high quality sausage to serve his customers, Bob started making his own recipe on his farm in southeast Ohio.

From the day that first restaurant opened, homestyle hospitality became synonymous with Bob Evans. In fact, Bob and his wife, Jewell, were like family to a lot of people. They started filming television commercials in their own kitchen at the Homestead, inviting folks to “come on down and visit us” at the farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. So many people dropped by that, after awhile, their kitchen just wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone. That’s when the Sausage Shop was built, which is now a Bob Evans Restaurant, just a short walk from the Homestead. Since then, the original Sausage Shop has been enlarged three times and is as popular as ever.

In every Bob Evans Restaurant across the country, they still serve authentic homestyle goodness inspired by family recipes.They still insist on farm-fresh food, and offer family-friendly prices and a warm smile. You can even find the fresh sausage, homestyle sides and family dinners in your local grocer.

As a farmer, a neighbor and a visionary, Bob Evans showed the Ohio soil was good for growing a lot of things, including one remarkable legacy. Bob Evans (1918-2007)

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