Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yummy beer (10/16-24)

Friday, October 16th, through Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Craving a lager? Thinking about a pale ale? Me? I am dying to have a Pumpkin Ale this fall..something spicy, rimmed with brown sugar.

Well, have I got something good for you? This year marks the inaugural event of Cleveland Beer Week. A celebration of beers from the unique small local breweries to the infamous imports, there will be a hop and whey for every one's beer belly cravings.

Some of the really buzzing events to kick off the brew-ha-ha include...

- Dogfish Head will be at Southside, Friday at 6pm to kick off beer week with old favorites like 90 Minute IPA and new special releases, prices and glasses.

- Sunday at The Beer Engine will be and serving a special beer breakfast.

- West Park Station will be selling ALL craft beers for $2.50.

- Saturday, beginning at 2pm, The Barley House will pair the Ohio State football game with a "10 craft beer samples for $20" promotion. They will have 30 brews to choose from, and you get a cool mug too.

- On Friday, Moxie Restaurant will host a four-course beer, fondue and raclette dinner. Beginning at 7 p.m., the $45 meal pairs selections from Merchant du Vin, Ayinger and Samuel Smith with imported raclette, and mushroom and shallot fondues.

For more information and where you can grab a great pint...visit

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