Monday, December 14, 2009

What Cleveland Wants for Christmas

A few weeks ago I sent out a request to some area bloggers, business owners and personalities asking them what they wanted under their tree on Christmas morning. Thank you to the many emails I received, I really appreciate you sharing with us!

See their spirited answers below...

Michelle V. : Cleveland Foodie
“I want a night away with my husband, maybe something local like gambling in Detroit coupled with dinner at Roast and then to sleep in past 6 a.m., something I haven’t done since I had my daughter. Plus, I wish Clevelanders would skip chains in the New Year and make a conscious effort to eat and support local.”

Mark Nolan : Anchor on Channel 3 News Today
“I just turned 40 (which I’m told is the new 30) so, I’ve become more and more nostalgic over the past few years. I think a simple light snowfall, no “Black Friday”/”Cyber Monday”, no holiday traffic, lots of sleigh bells ringin’ type Christmas would be just fine for me. I just want quiet. Lots of smiles from friends as I pass along the perfect gift. That’s what I want… Here’s Hopin.’ Merry Christmas!”

Tammy Lyons : yogi & owner of Inner Bliss Yoga
“My wishes for all this holiday season... A little more forgiveness...a little less anger. A little more faith...less hopelessness. A little more love...less fighting. More listening and less defending. More Love, More Joy, and a vibrant, white holiday!”

Danielle Deboe : owner of Room Service & Made in the 216.
Cooking on one weekly cooking lessons! I do not think that anything less...say a class scenario or a monthly lesson would actually stick....and of course, in this dream scenario, I would also have the time, to do a weekly cooking lesson...but alas, a girl can dream can't she!

Amanda “Lilly” Montague : creator of Lilly Handmade Chocolates
1. An Anti-Griddle so I could create fun, frozen molecular gastronomy confections 2. A traveling vacation to every craft brewery in the states! Dogfish, Stone, The Bruery, Great Divide, etc. 3. Another Pembroke Welsh Corgi for my lovely little Lucy to play with (she's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi too! One can never have too much love in their lives!) Happy Everything to Everyone!

Chris Allen : Musician
Since I can't see world peace anytime in the next several years, for Christmas I would like a weekend in Florence, Italy to forget that fact. The most beautiful city in the world, I would like to take a Saturday stroll walking the brick alley ways, view amazing works of art, sip a little wine and have a prosciutto and brie samwhich from a street vender.

Me : i heart cleveland
I’d like an old record player that I could bring to the beach in the summer and play old records while I soak up the Ohio sun! (Do they make old players with batteries?)

Cleveland...what do YOU want...tell me. We will post it...and then you can refer your family to the blog for your wish list! Sounds fun, right? :)

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Blogger AS said...

Beau Cadiyo of here. I'd like it if chefs put more thought into baking their own bread and using fresh ingredients in sandwiches, for starters. Second, I'd like it if they paid more attention to balance and the interplay between tastes and textures. Third, I'd like collaboration between chefs on a definitive Cleveland food - Philly has a cheese steak sandwich, Boston has beans, New Orleans has its Po' Boy. That is all.

December 15, 2009 at 10:03 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

So fun, thank you for including me!

December 16, 2009 at 10:03 AM  

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