Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ravioli Review #1

One of my "to-do's" for this year was to explore each flavor of Ohio City Pastas Raviloi's.

A few weekends ago I was faced with "where do I start?" Each little pasta package looked so yummy and exciting. My mouth watered in anticipation. I could start with the richness of lobster or crab or I could begin with something a bit basic and work up from there.

I bought a dozen of smoked mozzarella raviolis-not basic in the least-and had the perfect Sunday night supper. They were robust yet fragile, smoky and rich like an aged bottle of wine, yet simple and lovely paired with a basic pea shoot salad. Quick to cook, these ravioli's get a ten out of ten!

1 down...many many more to go!

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