Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog on a Road Trip

So over Labor Day weekend I met these two brothers going cross country in their Airstream Trailer. After spending the weekend they had so many nice things to say about Cleveland, our sense of creativity and passion for the area...I just had to share.

"The Million Dollar Road Trip is a yearlong mobile marketing business. Until July 4, 2011 my brother, Walter, and I are traveling 48 states in order to promote American small businesses and to find people who are taking risks to pursue their passions. We want to tell these stories in an effort to inspire others to take a chance and create something. We came in search of passion and creativity in Cleveland. Honestly, we were taken by surprise.

Over the Labor Day Weekend we visited different neighborhoods and events where we met countless warm and inviting people who embody the entrepreneurial spirit of this country. Aaron Gogolin is a co-founder of A Piece of Cleveland, a company using reclaimed materials from Cleveland homes to craft specialty furniture and homeware. APOC has found a brilliant way to keep materials from demolished houses out of landfills and to turn it into furniture with a Cleveland legacy. This type of creativity is a perfect example of what we saw throughout the city.

Whether it was Aaron, Scott and his bar Reddstone, Niki at Gypsy Beans and Baking Co, or Charity from iheartcleveland and Chartreuse, we found the stories that the country needs to be told. In a city with a decreasing population, there is a seemingly disproportionate number of young people taking a risk to do what they love. The Million Dollar Road Trip found that Cleveland does, in fact, rock."

THANKS Walter and Patrick you two guys ROCK! Cleveland enjoyed hosting you. Oh and check out the little iheartcleveland ad that is now roaming the country with the brothers...

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