Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky Weekend!

Boo! It’s time for tricks and treats, ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and gobs of candy corn. Happy Halloween Cleveland.

If you don’t already have a booked fall weekend here are some ideas of things to do around town to put you in the haunting spirit.

Kick off the weekend with a spooky-tini, a witchy cup of brew is sure to bring out the goblins within each of us. For this I have three recommendations...although it’s not exactly Halloween-flavored, the peanut butter martini at Fahrenheit is an adult treat sure to crave your sweet tooth. If you are looking for something more “traditional fall,” Luxe Kitchen makes a mean candy apple martini which tastes JUST like a freshly dipped Patterson Granny Smith Apple in fresh caramel sauce, simply ghoulish. Last but not least, for all you Cleveland “purists” we all know what came out this week...YES, Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Co. This nutmeg infused beer although named for the December 25th marks the beginning of the holiday season to me. Let the merriment begin!

We all know Cleveland is filled with spooky places to scare the bee-jeezis out of our souls. From the Mansfield Penitentiary. to Cedar Points Halloweekend, From the regional corn mazes (which also test your mind) to the creepy haunted houses filled with gory bizarre people willing to plaster their faces with latex in order to get a good scare out of us. In Northeast Ohio their are so many options, it’s supposed to be a nice weekend. Go get your spook on.

Looking to stay in with a sweetie this weekend and forgo the little monsters? Why not head to the library (or your Netflix) to rent some of my favorite spooky flicks. The Birds, Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street, Gremlins (although not totally scary, still a classic for sure), Twilight Zone and one of the newer thrillers Paranormal Activity. Light the candles, crawl under a cozy blanket and make a bowl of caramel popcorn, it’s time to watch movies. What are your favorite spooky flicks?

Still scurrying around for the perfect costume? Just a few reminders on where to find all of the good stuff...If you are in the mood to rent a full on spectacular outfit, Chelseas on 116th and Detroit still has a large selection of costumes aviable for rental. Be prepared to drop a good chunk of change but it will be totally worth it. Chelseas has EVERYTHING from warewolves to wizards and princesses to slutty _________(nurse, baker, indian chief, nun,, etc) you name it. If you are just missing part of your costume, they also have a selection of wigs, wands and warts to add the final touches. Besides Chelseas there is always scouring the local Goodwill or the thrift store mega monster Unique Thrift. I know there are a few other coistume shops out there, am I forgetting a really good one?

Want to workout before you spike your blood sugar to new heights? There are some spooky workouts available to us weekend warriors on Saturday morning, pre-party night. Slap on those leg warmers and flashdance sweats and go get physical at your gym, the bike paths of the metroparks, that hot yoga class you’ve been meaning to try, and on and on. I’m telling you, even a quick jaunt at Jazzercise will bring out the giddy goblin in each of us.

So that's it from me. Enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe, but most of all enjoy this lovely city we live in...i heart cleveland.

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