Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sweet Rain (5/03)

Saturday May 3rd, 2008

Rain, sweet rain. On day three of this Cleveland downpour, take a moment and embrace the drenching outdoors and venture into the city. It's the perfect excuse to grab that favorite umbrella and those wellies you had to buy for those big spring puddles.

This morning after swimming, I needed to go downtown to pick up some things for work, so I decided instead of taking the highway to slowly venture down Detroit and investigate what new and exciting things were happening in that part of town....minus my wellies.

With a quick pit stop at Gypsy Bean Bakery (the skinny Londoner latte rocks!) I was ready to explore. The rain really does make the city look like a set from a movie. The clouds hovering over Terminal Tower and the monumental "BP" Building looking as if they are here to stay forever. As I crept through the sleepy quiet city, I wanted to make sure I reminded everyone what a great place we live in, sunny AND rainy. The bridges, the architecture, the sports (GO CAVS!) the small businesses cropping up around us is what makes Cleveland a force to be reckoned with.

Today, as most of you will be tempted to stay under the covers, all dry and warm, I challenge you to get outside and discover an area of town you may not travel to daily. I look forward to some great stories from everyone. Try and stay dry, although a little water has never killed anyone. :)

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