Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Magical, a perfect description. (7/25-27)

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 25th through the 27th, 2008

The Ingenuity Festival returns with a weekend-long celebration of art and technology, designed for audiences of any age and experience, staged in the center of Downtown Cleveland. Prominent international masters present original works alongside the finest of Northeast Ohio's performing and visual artists. High technology firms and major colleges and universities are presented alongside acclaimed artists to create a dazzling display of exciting and immersive new work! Ingenuity pushes boundaries, creating a unique festival experience that draws and celebrates diversity, and involves the audience as both spectator and participant!

There are so many interesting looking shows, exhibits and installations, but one that I deffinatley want to catch will be a late night performance by the Hot Cha Cha's Friday night at the Plain Dealer Star Plaza Stage.

Oh and if you haven't been to the Opening Ceremony (Friday, July 25 4-5:30 pm) before, it is worth it to skip out of work early for the big show...let's just's Magical. :)

For the schedule and more information visit

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