Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy in August

Well folks, it’s mid august. Time to revel in what an amazing Cleveland summer it’s been thus far and plan for the next few long weeks of sunshine that lie ahead. Many of you have reported in and shared with me stories of favorite beach days, great outdoor concerts, festivals, happenings and where to grab the best ice cream in town, for that I am thankful.

I read a blog called The Scoop ( on a very daily basis. It is written by two savvy designers, one out of Cleveland and the other from our neighboring design hood, Chi-town. The Scoop delivers my daily dose of good interior design, amazing fashion deals, great cheap & chic accessories and much, much more! The authors, Laura & Emily are constantly sharing a glimpse into their favorites, recommendations, must do’s, etc.

Last week the design duo wrote about what makes them happy and I thought it was a great idea….and with that I decided to try it out myself. Being that this blog try’s its best to be very specific about what makes Cleveland fun, I thought I could try and identify the top ten things that make me happy in Cleveland in August. If you have favorite please comment, I can’t wait to hear from you. :)

1 : Ohio Tomatoes and Red Wine.
There is nothing better than spending your Saturday afternoon at Bar Cento ( (located on west 25th across from the West side Market) sipping a carafe of house red wine and indulging in their heirloom tomato salad with fresh mozzarella cheese served al fresco. This lovely little bistro has become somewhat of an addiction to me. I crave green, purple and yellow tomatoes in my sleep.

2. Summer Reading.
I love the Cleveland Public Library Downtown Reading Garden. Its peaceful, serene oasis set within the city limits is a wonderful place to escape and read. I also love to find a little coffee hot spot to curl up with a good book before the day starts (granted it doesn’t happen often enough) and I can squeeze in a chapter or two. I just finished a summer “chic-lit” feast describing the happenings of an over privileged dysfunctional family from California called “All We Ever Wanted,” good trash. Currently; since I’m in the “back to school mode” I am reading “Ahead of the Curve; an insight into Harvard Business School,” it is an incredible recap of one students encounter with the Ivy League monster. What are you reading?

3. Good Ride.
My car, my bike and my bike rack make me happy in Cleveland this summer. Riding in the Metroparks in the morning as the sun peaks its’ way through the trees is invigorating while a spin down Lake Avenue at dusk lets you see inside some of the areas most desired homes. Have you taken your wheels down the newly paved Clifton Blvd, now that there no potholes you can really fly!

4. Billowy Breeze.
While laying out at the beach the other afternoon, I realized one of the things that are so great about August is the breeze off the lake. In June and July the newly heated summer air is heavy, as we roll through August mother earth prepares for the cooler fall afternoon and evenings. August is a great time of year to open the windows and let the breeze fill your home with fresh air.

5. Summer Beauty.
I am a “product” person. I like to try every cream, lotion and potion on the market. If there is a lip balm or mascara that hits the shelves I am one of the firsts to try them out. This month I discovered my new favorite nail polish color by OPI called Moon Over Mumbai, its slight grey tint won’t be around long so I must stock up! Also, speaking of stocking up, it’s time to go visit, the lovely woman who works the “Angel” counter at Nordstrom’s at Beachwood Mall. I have worn this classic scent for over ten years and in August it is best kept in the fridge for a cool spritz on your way out the door.

6. Strong Blooms.
In August the strong flowers prevail! Our Lemon Lime Hydrangeas are in full effect and the daisies are smiling as the sun fills their petals with August heat. Plus what could be better than going outdoors with your trusty pair of scissors for a FREE bouquet, nothing.

7. Summer Movies.
After a long summer day, filled with bike rides and trips to the beach, an evening of classic summertime flicks is perfect in August. Two of my ultimate favorites, Dirty Dancing and the Original Parent Trap. Both movies take me back to dreaming of days at sleep-away camp, making new friends, and learning how to fly in the water! ☺

8. School Supplies
Even though I don’t go back-to-school in a traditional sense, Typically August is when I get the itch to explore all the great back-to-school supplies. From notebooks and binders to pencils and scented markers the idea of a new book bag filled with “tools” for learning gets me ready to write that first book report. If I were heading back to school the “For Like Ever” Tote sold at Room Service ( would be my new book bag of choice!

9. Point and Shoot.
It wouldn’t be summer without my camera beside me at all times. Whether capturing pics of Cleveland summer or an evening out with friends, being the designated “shooter” is a-okay with me. When February rolls around I will pull up my August shots and reminisce about a perfect summer.

10. Summer tunes.
Doesn’t the radio (or your ipod) always sound better when you are driving around with the windows down? Driving during the summer months, it doesn’t matter what type of tunes you prefer whether a live show or a cd mix from a friend, try rolling the car windows down, turning up the base (but not to be obnoxious) and realize that summer doesn’t last forever, so soak it all in to some great music; it makes sense, since we are the rock and roll city.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching the Olympics recently has really made me appreciate being able to play volleyball in the sand at Whiskey Island in the summertime...we are lucky to be able to see the sun set over the lake as we bump set and spike!

August 18, 2008 at 11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charity - I love your "list" - isn't it fun to sit down and think about all the things that make you happy? I'll have to try out some of yours!

August 19, 2008 at 3:32 PM  
Blogger danielle said...

when i am riding my bike to and from work on Franklin, if i glance north when i am riding past (i think) 45th street there is a clear and direct view of the happens that clearly JUST at that intersection and no matter how many times i pass it, something about that little glimpse always makes me so happy! happy happy happy !!!

August 21, 2008 at 2:17 PM  

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