Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Coffee

It's back to school season and what better time to hit the local java joint then a late night group project or exam paper caffeine boost?

When I head East I try and make it a point to swing by the Arabica. Tucked into a tree-lined street, this University Circle location is housed in an old mansion and offers patio seating, live music, a fireplace and the kind of cozy nooks that all coffee conversationalists crave. The java falls somewhere between the sting of Starbucks and the caress of Denny's--offering a slightly bitter but consistent cup of coffee. The staff is friendly and fun but remember to bring cash, no cc's welcome. Also noteworthy is the selection and quality of teas and the chocolaty hot chocolates, available in white and dark.

Next time you feel like sneaking away to higher learning, grab your laptop and surround yourself with the students of Case, CIA, CIM and more! It is a wonderful place to meet a client or an old friend. A little tip? Their iced cappuccino's are delish.

Arabica Coffee House University Circle 11300 Juniper Rd. Cleveland, OH 44106 (216) 791-0300

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