Friday, September 26, 2008

Great Beans

About a year ago I discovered a local coffee shop that reminded me of a little hang out from my college years. Lots of solid oak tables paired with matching wooden chairs fill the high-ceiling room. Sounds of familiar indie and world tunes stream from the radio. The large windows allow the daylight to fill the room making it a lovely place to read or work (bring your laptop there is free wi-fi access for all!)

Yes, for those of you who already have guessed my new coffee infatuation is the lovely Gypsy Bean Bakery. This darling traditionally styled European coffee house and bistro is located on the Southeast corner of West 65th and Detroit Avenue in the Gordon Square Arts District in the Detroit Shore way Neighborhood.

The monstrous chalkboard that hangs above the case of oatmeal raisin cookies features the special Gypsy Coffee selections. If I could take this opportunity to recommend the "Skinny Londoner." I don't know all of the ingredients, but I do know that each barista hand-grates fresh nutmeg on the top of the steamed milk making for every drop of this luscious coffee drink pure perfection.

Next time you are looking for a sweet sip of Cleveland coffee spend a minute or two, stop by Gypsy Bean and enjoy! For directions and more visit

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