Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter lights

As we approach the Christmas holiday, take a few minutes to warm the car, a thermos mug of hot cocoa and head out to scope the best holiday light display in your Cleveland area neighborhood.

Last night, myself and a friend of mine bundled up her little elf and made our way out to Westlake, OH to see the holiday light displays. Columbia Road (south of Detroit) has many homeowners willing to spend their hard earned cash on electricity bills for everyone to enjoy the thousands of twinkling bulbs.

From Santa to dancing penguins, nodding reindeer to candy cane fences, we saw it all. There is something to be said about jumping in and out of a warm car on a FOUR degree night, but the excitement of capturing a small child in the middle of an outrageous light display was well worth it.

Do you have a neighborhood filled with lights? A MUST-See that you want to share? Please send me your suggestions and we will drive down your street next. :)

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