Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warm thoughts & the greenhouse

Cleveland it’s cold! But come on...we are in Ohio, wait five minutes and the weather will shift. See, we have this large body of water which greatly effects how the temps will swing, one day it’s 18 and the next it’s 50. Where else can you experience such “flexible” weather patterns?

I have heard a ton of complaints and even “prayers to the gods” to make spring come faster this year. For those cold babies, I have a few ideas I will try and share throughout the next few winter weeks.

Thought #1

While most of us are aware of the grandiose beauty that lies within the glasshouse at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens (www.cbgarden.org), have you ever visited the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse (aka : City of Cleveland Greenhouse)? Built in 1912 and located just off 90 on MLK, this greenhouse not only grows all of the plants used in the city landscaping it also is a place of wonderment, discovery and "vacation."

Don’t have the cash to escape the cold and get to the tropics? The greenhouse has a vast collection of orchids and citrus trees. Wish you could fly to the desert for a blast of the hot (but wicked dry) air? The garden has a room filled with cacti and succulents. This weekend pack your lunch, grab your notepad and colored pencils and head over to the garden for a few hours of warmth in the greenhouse. Note* unlike the larger botanical garden (although I LOVE this museum too), this greenhouse museum is free (thanks to our tax dollars at work!) and open daily from 10-4.

For more on the greenhouse visit www.rockefellergreenhouse.org

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