Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello HGR Industrial!

It’s officially Spring! The air is warm during the day but blows a cool breeze through my windows at night. The tree branches above sprout little flowers of pink and white, while the concrete sidewalks don the remnants of pollen and little thing-a-ma-jigs from the recent flowering above. I love this season.

I especially love this season because I start day dreaming about home improvement. A new paint color, a fresh light fixture and even some simple yard furniture...perhaps. :)

...Flash forward to my weekend adventure at HGR Industrial Surplus in Euclid, Ohio...

I had heard about this complete monster of a warehouse that was home to all unwanted manufacturing machines, pieces and parts, but I never imagined the visual stimuli that I was about to encounter. Row and rows of lathes, compressors, lifts, pallets, pumps, random old office furniture, casters, you name it they got it.

The afternoon of exploring the public showroom stirred my imagination (“wonder where this came from?”) and my creativity (“I could do something really cool with this!”), I was basically like a kid in a candy store, although instead of getting a good sugar buzz I was on a natural adventure high.

I wouldn’t advise bringing kids to the showroom as there were many dangerous; perhaps toxic stuff hanging around. Also, do as I say, not as I do and leave your high heels at home in exchange for your pumas...this showroom is almost 12 acres large.

What did I get you might ask? Well, I wanted to go home with a cafeteria booth, some glass jars, a few chemical tubs (for planting herbs in of course?) but instead opted for a lovely vintage filing cabinet for only $20 bucks. Bring a big car!

Next time you are feeling a little willy wonka scientist or artsy, or even just looking for that visual escape from your daily cubicle...take a drive to HGR, it was totally awesome!

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