Friday, September 17, 2010

A Rookie’s guide to tailgating.

As many of you are aware this weekend is the home opener for our Cleveland Browns, but what you may or may not know is the in’s and out’s of tailgating.

As a resident of the "Cleve" for over ten years believe it or not but I have never truly tailgated. I mean, I may have parked in a lot off of West 6th for one beer pre-game which I hear doesn't really count, but to truly set an alarm, get there early, eat chips for bfast, etc. etc. Let's just say this Sunday I am in for a real treat!

I asked a friend to give me a little run down on tailgating tips, and after his VERY thorough response, I couldn't resist but share with everyone. You're gonna love them, read on....

"You see tailgating on TV all the time. Your friends always talk about the fun times they’ve had before the games. You want in. You want to be part of all the excitement. But how? You might have lots of questions so let me try to be of some help.
Here are a few tips to make your tailgating experience a little more enjoyable:

What’s the big deal about tailgating?
> With the Browns not faring so well on the field, tailgating is sometimes the most fun you’ll have on that Sunday

Which games are best for tailgating?
> The home opener is always the best. The weather is still warm and the team’s record isn’t a disappointment yet. The tailgating atmosphere for the first several home games is always energetic.

Can anyone attend?
> Yes, of course. You don’t need a ticket to the game or even be a Browns’ fan. But be warned; do not wear opposing teams’ jerseys or even colors. Not cool at all.

What to bring?
> Depends….are you meeting up with a group already tailgating or creating your own tailgate spot? If you are meeting up with an established crew then just bring whatever you plan on drinking and some food to contribute to the group. Keep it simple. If you plan on creating your own situation then at a minimum you’ll need a grill, coolers and music system. Still don’t go overboard as a rookie. Start slow and figure out what you’ll need for next time.

What are the liquor laws regarding tailgating?
> The simple answer is just use common sense and don’t be a jerk. Keep all drinks in a non-see through cup. Don’t use bottles or even carry around cans. Don’t advertise that you are drinking. Everyone knows what’s going on but it’s easier on the cops if you aren’t abusing their leniency.

Where to tailgate?
> See image above. The only answer to this question is the Muni Lot. Everywhere else is a shadow of what’s going on there. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. Once you tailgate in the Muni Lot everywhere just becomes unacceptable.

What time do I need to get there?
> New rules on the opening of the parking lots changed from 4 am to 7 am. If you plan on driving you better get there way before 7 and get in line. Otherwise you’ll end up parking far, far away.

Best way to get there?
> Any method besides driving a car. I prefer taking the RAPID or calling a cab. Actually, when the weather is nice I like to ride my bicycle!

How much is parking?
> I rarely take my car down there but I think they’re charging around $25.

How far is the walk to the stadium?
> Not far. Just follow the herds. For a 1 o’clock game, people start tearing down their site around noon and walking over a half hour before kick off.

Well I hope some of this information helps you. Be safe, have fun and GO BROWNS!"

Thank you "Major" for the incredible run down on tailgating in Cleveland. I hope others find this as helpful as I did. I will be the one with my face painted, football-shaped brownies, perhaps orange finger nails and a strategically cut sweatshirt from Unique! GO BROWNS!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually read this helpful article and still didn't take the advice. I ended up tailgating in some other parking lot because of my friends. The whole time I was wondering what I was missing in the Muni Lot. I won't make the same mistake for the Bungles game in 2 weeks.

September 20, 2010 at 11:57 AM  

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