Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cleveland FIlm Fest (3/6-16)

Thursday March 6th - Sunday March 16th, 2008

The films are coming! The films are coming! This weeks marks the beginning of the 32nd Cleveland International Film Festival. So many great flicks and not enough vacation days to take off for every show. Below are a few of the films on my "must-see" list. Get your tickets early these shows are sure to sell out!

PRICELESS : Directed by Pierre Salvadori
Ah, life among the jet set on the French Riviera. A whirlwind of parties, shopping, champagne, and caviar. Nice work if you can get it, which gorgeous young party girl, Irene (Audrey Tautou of “Amelie” and “The DaVinci Code.”), certainly can. Jean is one of the have-nots, a mild-mannered bartender in one of the chicest hotels who takes on all the little jobs he can find for the cash. Crazy rich ladies hire him to walk their dogs; sad drunks tell him their stories in the bar late at night. When Irene and Jean’s paths cross, he fakes being a millionaire. Eventually, though, they find they have something in common; a lack of personal finances and a taste for the good life. When Jean begins to take tips from Irene, he soon finds it’s much easier to escort older ladies than to wait on them. In French with English subtitles. Saturday, March 15 at 7:15pm

AMERICAN TEEN : Directed by Nanette Burstein
A huge hit at the recent Sundance Film Festival, winning the Documentary Directing Award for director Nanette Burstein. Burstein spent the 2005-2006 school year shooting footage of seniors at Warsaw Community High School in Indiana. Her film chronicles some of their hopes and lots of their fears as they navigate the tricky waters of small-town high school life and impending adulthood. AMERICAN TEEN is not your grandma’s talking-heads documentary. Burstein uses brilliant animated sequences to express the kids’ fantasy lives, plus a pop soundtrack, voiceovers and graphic collages in the style of MTV’s “Laguna Beach.” It’s a new style of documentary for a new generation totally at home in front of the camera. Sunday, March 16 at 7:00pm

Ballets have “The Nutcracker.“ Classical theaters have “A Christmas Carol.“ The CIFF has “World’s Best Commercials.“ Buy your ticket early. This one always sells out. Friday, March 14 at 12:00pm

Advanced ticket prices for most films are $9 per film for CFS members and $11 for non-members. Day-of-show ticket prices are $10 for CFS members and $12 for non-members. Tickets are available online, by telephone (1-866-865-FILM),or at the CIFF store in the lobby of Tower City Cinemas. For more information on the 290+ films that will be shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival, log on to

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