Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Art at Banana

If you aren't in the market for some frilly summer frocks, swing by BR to peruse the wild photo gallery...or the sale rack.

Photographer Andy Biggs is passionate about African Safaris and animal imagery, and it shows in his work. Biggs recently landed a big deal with Banana Republic; they're using his images in stores, on billboards and in window displays as part of their Summer 2008 advertising campaign. The images are all black & white, and are calm and classy; this is a thinking-man's safari.

"I began my photographic career leading a workshop or two in Africa each year, and now it has turned into a business where I am leading up to six or seven photographic safaris and workshops in a year. Whenever people think about anything safari or African, I want them to think about my photography and my photographic safaris." commented Biggs.

For more of "Mr. Biggs" work, visit www.andybiggs.com. To locate the nearest BN Gallery to you visit www.bananarepublic.com

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