Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Paper Bird Tunes (7/04)

After you've had your fill, admiring the glitz and glimmer of your neighborhood fireworks, head over to Bella Dubby (Madison Ave, just west of 117th) in Lakewood for an amazing treat for your musical soul...Paper Bird.

Standing firm in no existing genre, Paper Bird's backbone is their songwriting, musicianship, and a general allergy to all limitations and trends. With seven members, and no leader, this band is pulled in every direction imaginable, but thanks to their unique instrumentation, this Denver-based group never reminds you of anyone but themselves.

The band's inception came at a cabin high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where, the first time they played music together, four songs were written and played to their first audience (passers-by on a street corner in Breckenridge,CO) a few hours later. Within a month they had a seven song demo of all originals and a solid foot in the door of the Denver music scene. They are currently touring with Tour de Fat ( in a city near you!

The present finds them functioning more as a family than a band. Listen to their music, they will make you happy. Check out the show, they will make you their friend.

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