Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Patriot

On July 4th, more than sixty buses hit the streets of Cleveland encouraging “Green Patriotism” with posters designed by native designer Michael Bierut. The posters, which are visible on buses across the city, promote the use of mass transit and valorize buses as sound for the environment as well as for the vitality of Cleveland. Interior bus ads promote the development of green jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Bierut says, “Back in the 30s and 40s, folksinger Woody Guthrie had a slogan on his guitar: ‘This machine kills fascists.’ I was looking for a similar kind of statement to turn every bus ride into a blow for the environment.”

The project was organized in conjunction with The Canary Project: Landscapes of Climate Change, an exhibition on display through 10 August at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Canary is using the project to inaugurate a nationwide program with posters from a wide range of designers. Pentagram also developed the program’s emblem, a green silhouette of a Revolutionary War Minuteman. I think its darling!

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