Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wine & Ballet in Tremont (8/23)

This Saturday evening you will find me, with a picnic and a blanket nestled in Lincoln Park, the central hub of Tremont for the annual complimentary dance show by Verb Ballet (

Verb Ballets' mission is to promote and develop interest in and appreciation for contemporary dance through performance, programs that promote learning and nurture wellness, audience and community dialogue and advocacy efforts to support the art form. Verb Ballets has a steadfast mission to promote and foster emerging talent, present excellence in contemporary choreographers, and revive and honor Modern Dance classics.

Actually, if I plan my day right, I may even be able to swing by the new wine bar at Visible Voice ( prior to the show. This independent bookstore is inviting and relaxing and would be a great place to explore while in the neighborhood.

8:00pm. Bring the Family, your Friends... Enjoy the Magic of the Arts in Tremont's Lincoln Park!

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