Friday, January 9, 2009

Go Cavs! (01/09)

Hello and Happy Friday!

So one of the reasons "I heart cleveland" is all the pro-sports that roll through our Northeast Ohio calender year. Baseball, Football and Basketball, we are a lucky city to have the ability to support this many professional athletes around town.

This morning I wanted write something sassy about tonights Cavs vs. Celtic game (8pm). Lebron, the uniforms, the home advantage, the dance team and how we are gonna pound the celtics...but I found this tantalizing article from “The Optimist” ( and thought he summed it up best! A great read for an even better game tonight!

"Que pasa, proud citizen-soldiers of the Wine and Gold! I am the Optimist, and there are Celtics in town. So Let’s Get It On.
That’s right, the World Champion Boston Celtics are amongst us at this very moment – skulking around Tower City eating our hot pretzels and driving guests at the Ritz-Carlton insane by blasting their Irish folk music at all hours.

That’s how these Celtics roll. They’re Champions with an attitude. Don’t like it? Pound salt.

That’s fine by me. The Cavaliers and Celtics have always had, at best, an acrimonious relationship. And you readers know how I personally feel – and have always felt – about our Gaelic nemesii. For some people, it’s Michigan. For others, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Yankees. For me, it’s the Celtics.

Whether it was their derailment of the Miracle squad in ’76 or Larry Bird and Co. snuffing World B. Free’s Comeback Cavs in ’85, the Boston Celtics have brought the Wine, Gold and I nothing but heartache. And I’ve witnessed much of this ugliness first-hand – from seminal events like last season’s seven-game slugfest in the Eastern Conference Semis, to traumatizing incidents like watching the flight of Paul Pierce’s lung-butter the night he chugged one in the direction of little Luke Jackson at an exhibition game in Columbus.

But that stuff’s all ancient history when these two teams get down tonight at The Q. Right now, the Celtics and Cavaliers are the Eastern Conference’s heavyweight division. So prepare ye for a Friday Night Fight on the corner of Huron and Ontario.

Two weeks ago, the Mighty Mighty Bostonians looked like they might not lose again all season. But then the Lakers dropped them on Christmas Day and they ain’t been right since – dropping six of their last eight. Doc Rivers’ club needs to get themselves back together. And they’re thinking that a nationally-televised win over the top dog in the East would do the trick.

That’s just the kind of East Coast bias that cheeses we Midwesterners off. Get off the schneid somewhere else, Celtics! You can huff and puff, but you can’t blow this house down. And we both know: If P.J. Brown doesn’t put back a pair of errant air-balls, the Wine and Gold wins Game 7 in Boston.

Yeah, when the Celtics roll into town, it gets everyone’s medulla oblongata throbbing. Even our little mop-topped friend from Gamecock Country has his panties in a bunch over Boston."


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