Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buy Local

Cose and “” has declared THIS WEEK a celebration of independence! So why not celebrate the local businesses in your area buy supporting them.

So used to swinging buy Target on your way home for all your needs? Don't know where to start or what I mean when I say "buy local?" Here is a list of 100 ideas to keep our cash in the area. Spend $100 locally and we can all benefit from it.

1. Buy vegetables from a local farmers market
2. Fill your belly at a local food festival
3. Buy wine from a local winery
4. Get coffee at a local coffee shop
5. Get fresh meat at a local butcher
6. Get your freshly baked birthday cake from the neighborhood bakery
7. Enjoy lunch at a locally owned restaurant
8. Relax with a beer at a local brewery
9. Get something to make for dinner at a local grocer
10. Cool off at your neighborhood ice cream shop
11. Order out from a local pizzeria
12. Visit the West Side market
13. Order holiday cookies from a local pastry shop
14. Cater a party using a neighborhood restaurant
15. Grab a hotdog from a curbside vendor

Arts & Leisure
16. Get your next CD at a local music shop
17. Catch a live band at a music hot spot
18. Buy art from a local art gallery
19. Shop at a neighborhood art walk
20. Hear the Cleveland Orchestra at Cain Park
21. See a dance performance at Cleveland Public Theatre
22. Take a knitting class at a local craft store
23. Have a party at a local pottery center

24. Take an afternoon drive and go antiquing at local dealers
25. Take in a movie at an independent movie theater
26. See a show at Playhouse Square
27. Get up close with the animals at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
28. Hire a party clown
29. Host a pampering party and hire an independent masseuse
30. Visit a local museum
31. Go bowling at a local alley
32. Shop for a cute summer outfit at a local boutique
33. Buy your next hostess party gift from a local retailer
34. Get your manicure or pedicure at a local nail salon

35. Enjoy a game of golf at a Cleveland Metroparks course
36. Buy a summer pass at your neighborhood pool
37. Spend a night under the stars at a Metroparks campsite
38. Get shiny new bikes for the family at a local bike shop
39. Enjoy the Cuyahoga River by renting a canoe
40. See the Cuyahoga Valley aboard the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
41. Buy fishing supplies at a local bait shop and get a catch of the day on Lake Erie
42.Take a Karate class at a local martial arts studio
43. Play a game of putt-putt at a local course
44. Catch a minor league baseball team and see the future baseball stars
45. Join a neighborhood sports league
46. Work out at a local gym
47. Take yoga at a local yoga studio

48. Use a local lawn care service
49. Visit a local garden center and get your hands dirty landscaping
50. Freshen up your home with new furniture from a local furniture shop
51. Go to a neighborhood art walk to find local art to decorate your home
52. Get some help around the house and employ a local handyman
53. Fix the leaky pipes. Call a local plumber
54. DIY and get your supplies and advice at the local hardware store
55. Employ a local roofer to fix your roof
56. Pay the neighborhood kids to cut your grass and clean your pool
57. Visit a local frame shop to get you best vacation pictures framed
58. Pick up fresh flowers from the local florist
59. Hire a local moving company
60. Hire a local seamstress to hem your pants
61. Purchase your new furnace from a local HVAC shop
62. Have your home painted by a local painter

63. Get your next oil change from a local mechanic
64. Detail the inside of your car at a local car wash
65. Get a custom paint job for your motorcycle

66. Take your pet to the local groomer
67. Reward your dog with a treat from a local dog bakery
68. Use an independent pet daycare
69. Buy a hamster at the local pet store
70. Have a local seamstress make an outfit for the pooch
71. Buy a locally grown catnip treat for your cat

72. Get a new look at a local barber shop
73. Read a classic novel from your local book store
74. Buy your next anniversary gift from a local jeweler
75. Use a local cobbler to repair your worn out shoes
76. Order a basket of treats from a local candy store
77. Take your laundry to a local dry cleaners
78. Got a cold? Get some medicine at a local pharmacy
79. Planning a wedding or family reunion? Get help from a local planner
80. Join a locally owned club
81. Purchase a child’s birthday gift at the local toy store
82. Enjoy a day at a local water or amusement park

83. Take public transportation to work
84. Ride the new RTA Healthline
85. Purchase a reusable shopping bag at a local grocer
86. Switch out light bulbs with CFL’s from the neighborhood hardware store
87. Hire a local LEED consultant to green your home or business

88. Purchase your office supplies from a local supply company
89. Use a local cleaning service to clean your offices
90. Work with a local accountant to balance your books
91. Cater business meetings with local caterers
92. Use a local company to help with your IT needs
93. Commission one of a kind party invitations from a local artist
94. Purchase chocolates with your logo on it from a local candy shop
95. Use a local courier service to do freight and truck deliveries
96. Hire an in town design firm or ad agency
97. Order a special event balloon or float from a local manufacturer
98. Order bagels for your office from a local bakery
99. Use a local travel agent to book your business trips
100. Pick up your last minute supplies at the neighborhood convenient store

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Anonymous Bethany Lukasko said...

Excellent post! We all need reminders as to how we can shop NEO! Thank you!

July 8, 2009 at 10:43 PM  
Anonymous Avenue Cleveland said...

This is a great post that all local bloggers should make aware to their readers.

I heard about this site on the radio... maybe even on The City Club, and forgot about it until I started catching up on you and your activities (Free Food!).

Definitely a post (Great Lists too!) I think your readers won't mind seeing duplicated until it sinks in.

But please don't stop your continued exposure of free food from those good ole American franchises, lol.

July 11, 2009 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger christine louise said...

Awesome post! I am all about supporting north east Ohio's economy. (:

July 17, 2009 at 6:18 AM  

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