Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy (Mickey) Monday!

Hello Cleveland & welcome Fall,
You might all think I’ve been doing a slacking job at reporting what’s happening in our land of the CLEV, or maybe it’s my own personal blog guilt, but I promise October will be better.

You see for the month of September I was writing for Chevrolet’s “Gotta Love Chevy” test drive a traverse promotional program (see my posts here!) and I gotta admit... I couldn’t keep up. Work got busy, the weekends were slammed and something had to take a bit of a back seat...

BUT, now that October, tights and fall have officially arrived, it’s time to have some fun! In the next month a new design for iheartcleveland will be realeased, I am working on some very exciting promotions and I am ready to rock and blog roll our way through these chilly months with lots of hot stuff. I can’t wait!

Thanks for a little tip from my fellow blogger and friend Cleveland Foodie about one of our own Clevelanders who is gracing the pages of this Months Cosmopolitan Magazine. Mickey is OHIO’s representative to this years HOTTEST Bachelor contest. If you want to see for yourself visit Umami or Market at the Fig and check him out! Otherwise let’s bring Ohio home a win, Vote today!!!

Enjoy your Monday morning. Hope you had a big cup of (pumpkin Spice) Joe. What’s on the agenda this week???

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