Thursday, February 25, 2010

winter animal attractions

Hello all you lucky Clevelanders. Don’t you just love that they are forecasting tons of the fluffy white stuff this weekend? I do! Everything will look so pretty like it’s covered in butter cream frosting and sparkly sugar...perhaps the last time for sledding or a snow-lady or getting all geared up in your best polar bear ski attire. EMBRACE THE SNOW! (but don’t forget to fill those birds feeders for our little feathered friends)

My dog is so funny in the snow, he hesitantly places each paw on top of the accumulation as if his next step will be his last. The best is when it has rained and turned to ice OVER the snow and he attempts to glide across it but instead gets stuck in a “snow sink hole,” I digress...

Speaking of dogs (or birds or polar bears) there are some very fun animal inspired events going on around town this shovel out your driveway, bundle up the kids (or dogs) and get going.

Lake Erie Monsters invite you to pad up and bring your pup to Sundays hockey game against the Grand Rapids Griffins. Your ticket will cost $15, but your dog’ $5 will go directly to the Cleveland APL. I wonder if my little pup would like a beer and a pretzel on Sunday afternoon? (of course, he eats wood dust and fuzz) He sure would look cute in skates!

The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes is hosting Breakfast with the Birds on Saturday morning from 8-noon. If you don’t have a bird feeder you can learn to make one there. Want to explore the snowy outdoors? Bring your binoculars for a bird hike. If nothing else check out their live birds of prey show. And if all this activity makes you hungry, they will be serving all you can eat pancakes, sausage & applesauce, no need to eat like bird there. Call 216.321.5935 to pre-register.

Growing up my dad gave my mom this really cute Gmund Polar Bear stuffed animal that used to sit on their bed (insert cute “Aww” sound), myself and my sisters used to love to crawl into their bed and play with it, I think we enjoyed it more than my mom...another tangent...Did you know that real living polar bears (not the little stuffed ones) are indicators of our ecosystem? They are. Join Geoff York, senior program officer for polar bear conservation w/the World Wildlife Fund TOMORROW, Friday the 26th from 7-9pm when he speaks at Happy Days Lodge (500 W Streetsboro Rd in Peninsula.)

So if your feeling cooped up inside you home and need to get out...grab your real animal, your stuffed animal of your binoculars and explore! Enjoy.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prep School (2 spots left!)

Gatherings Kitchen is now offering a more skill focused cooking series called Prep School.

Always wanted to study to be a chef? The series is sure to touch on knife skills, baking, stocks, sauces and more. This series would give you a good taste, an intro to some of the lingo and basics. Sign up today as there are only 2 post s left for the first series which starts on March, 2nd. For more the menu and more details click here.

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Winter Fun (2/27)

Looks like chilly winter fun. Bundle up and head outdoors.

For more information, visit

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

lights. camera. action.

Happy Monday Cleveland! What a great Northeast Ohio weekend we had. Bright blue skies. Sunshine. Time with our closest friends. Good food. A drink..or two. A movie. A trip to the market. What did you do this weekend?

Is anyone as excited as I am about the 34th Annual Cleveland Film Fest? Did you know the film line up is available online and the little paper schedule books will begin circulating end of this week?

When I get my hands on one of the paper movie line ups I will make myself a pot of french press or pour myself a good glass of vino and begin my movie attack. From french foreign flicks to an eye-opening documentary. A romantic comedy to something a bit educational. I like to try and take in as many films while still being able to decipher one from the other.

When you get your time to plan your movie attack, "film" me in on any recommendations. I can't wait to see you at the movies!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Giving Z

I try really hard not to forward emails, or link other sites to the blog, or copy someone else's thoughts or emotions, but with that said, this story by John Krolik (Cavs blog) was incredibly moving and poignant and I couldn't help but forward it for your Friday reading.

First published in 1964, the Shel Silverstein book, The Giving Tree is about a relationship between a boy and a tree...this new story is about a basketball player, his team and his city.

"Once there was a Z….

And he was drafted by a crappy team.

And every day the team would come

and he would score them baskets in the post

and find his teammates with sharp passes

and they would run the offense through him

and ask him to win games

and even after his feet were hurt

he came back

and he made the All-Star game.

And the team loved the Z

very much.

And the Z was happy....."

For the rest of the story click here.

Mr. Krolik, that was incredible. Nice work. "Z," we wish you the best of luck...but secretly hope you can forgive our city and come back soon. :)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

film classics & egg benedict

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

This Sunday kicks off the first in the Sunday Classics at the Capitol Theatre - Brunch & Movie Series

Come to the Capitol Theatre at 10 am for a screening of the vintage classic of An American In Paris followed by Sunday brunch at LUXE Kitchen. Gene Kelly stars in director Vincent Minelli's 1951 classic musical that won 6 Oscars including Best Picture...I can't believe I have NEVER seen it yet?

The Capitol Theatre is launching its Sunday Classics Brunch & Movie Series. See a different classic film, each month and then enjoy brunch at their partnering restaurant immediately after the film.

The Brunch/Movie Package tickets are $25 ($5 for just the movie) and reservations must be made via phone M-F between 9:00 and 5:00. Please call 440.349.3306 ext. 111 to make your brunch reservation. Call today!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

old cleveland map

I just found this and couldn't wait to share...LOVE how old it is.

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make your reservation

because next week is Cleveland Restaurant Week!

Get yourself a group of friends or ask your best friend to dinner, pick your place and then get out and support our local independent restaurants.

Never been to Mr. Symon's Lola's? This is such a great opportunity to take in the gorgeous atmosphere and the tasty food for only $30 for your entire meal. Looking for something more intimate for two, D'Vine wine bar is offering a $30 deal for two people, wine additional.

Reserve now, times are filling up fast!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Did you know?

That in 1902, a resident of Akron, Ohio, Martin F. Christensen, invented an automated machine that could manufacture glass marbles. Traditionally, workers made marbles by hand from clay or stone, including marble. Christensen's invention made glass-marble production an entirely automated process. Christensen established the M.F. Christensen and Son Company in Akron to produce the thousands of colored balls of glass.

While the Akron factory does not still produce marbles, you can still visit the American Toy Marble Museum located in downtown Akron. Free and open to the public. With thousands of marbles to look at I'm sure you'll find your favorite Aggie or Boulder. Throw the family in the car, take a thirty minute road trip south for a few hours of fun.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

happy hearts weekend

happy hearts day cleveland.

I hope everyone has a wonderful sweet winter weekend. Lots of love... i heart cleveland, i know you do too!

I found this image at

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this & that

This week I have been sharing some images from my excursions around town, last weekend.

I mentioned the Salvation Army on Euclid and East 55th as one of my top places to score a deal. Check out their in-store signage, very vague as to what their selling, but the perfect directional signage for those of us looking for a unique find. I love the drippy white paint over the older orange walls.

Someone had a great suggestion that from here on out, when i find something to post that doesn't quite have obvious headline, I should name it "this & that," I think that's a terrific idea...stay tuned for more of "this & that."

Happy Wednesday Cleveland. Stay warm!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another tricky pic!

I had so much fun around town over the weekend snapping pics along my snowy Cleveland morning...
Do you know where I was here?

I'll give you a few hints, you guess...

#1) It's located on the West side
#2) It's home to many fish, fruits & veggies
#3) It is open every week, but only certain days of the week

Ever been there?

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Where in Cleveland?

Over the weekend I spent some time driving around enjoying the snow fall and chilly winter weather. It's amazing how things sometimes look different with a fresh coating of fallen snow.

I drove by this old E.B. Brown Opticians painted building mural and couldn't resist asking you, do you know where this mural is?

I was driving to my favorite thrift store (Salvation Army on Euclid & 55th) and the mural was on 30th and Danford (between Superior & Payne)

I love old murals, vintage cleveland, painting and more...this find was AWESOME!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekend fun!

Living in Cleveland there is always SO MUCH to do when it comes to planning my weekends. Some people might think there is nothing going on, but I beg to differ, I can barely squeeze in a load of laundry with all the super fun activities that are going on...

> Swoosh, woosh and fly like a bird...well almost! (Tobogganing is fun!)

> Indulging in a plethera of sale coupons

> A nibble of Strawberries & Pink Champagne AND a bite of MSC Fluff

> A sale and some “pleasing” snack with RS

> A dance with my dog!!!

> Get my “bollywood” on!

> Making a birdie sling with some fabulous friends.

> Supposedly there is a big football game on?

What will you be doing this weekend? Celebrating family & friends? Shopping for a fancy dress? Sipping a hot toddy or two? Fill me in on what I am missing!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vote for Grey Cardigan!

okay Cleveland...time to step up and VOTE for a local favorite!

My friend, fellow designer and emerging illustrator has made it to the (almost) big leagues...let's make sure we vote for his design on and see too it that Brian's Design (one of his precious Grey Cardigan prints) gets national top score this week! It would be great to nab up a few of the shirts for fun guy pal summer birthdays...don't you think?

Go Brian, we are so proud of you for following your vision and sharing your talents. You are a inspiration to many. Now Cleveland...VOTE HERE!

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REMINDER...DISCOUNT Jump Back Ball Coupon Code

Just a reminder you have TODAY ONLY to use your I heart Cleveland code to get the TODAY ONLY discounted ticket rate of $135.

Just use the Jump Back Ball coupon code of "HEART" (before end of day, February 2nd) when purchasing your tickets and you will receive the discounted rate! can use the extra cash to buy your date an elaborate corsage...HA!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Groundhog, Greenhouse Brew (02/02)

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Hello & happy Monday!

Hope you had a fun-filled Cleveland weekend, mine was nice...lots of rest and relaxation. Though it was sunny, boy was it cold...brrrr....

Wonder how long this winter will last? Will it "spring up" late March? Will the snow coat the ground till April? Well...wait no longer, tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. According to legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring.

Either way, there is gonna be a party at the Greenhouse Tavern to celebrate the furry "weatherman" prediction AND their new beer release that they crafted at Buckeye Brewery. Stop by after work for a pint of the "Groundhog, Greenhouse Brew!" I'll be there, will you?

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