Friday, August 29, 2008

Idol (08/04)

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Season 7's American Idols are on tour this summer and they are hitting more than 40 cities including Cleveland! I know, it may seem a bit cheesy that I am posting about this, but come on...who doesn’t love “idol?” Well, like it or not, I am headed to the Wolstein Center at 7pm to catch a glimpse of “the David's,” Chikezie (I love to say his name), Brooke and Michael Johns. I must admit I have seen this tour before and it is a complete production, with a capitol “P.”

If you love pop culture, pop music, lots of bright lights and many fog machines, well this is the summer send off show for you! For more information, including tickets visit

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blast off! (8/30-9/01)

As the "official" summer season draw to a close, the Labor Day Weekend would not be complete without catching a glimpse of jets, planes and more jets! The swoosh and whirl of the engines, is enough to tingle the spine of all; from wee ones to us adults.

This weekend, Cleveland will host the U.S. Navy Blue Angels as headliners of the 2008 Cleveland National Air Show at Burke Lakefront Airport. Each show day, the six "Blues" demonstration pilots will thrill air show fans with a one hour choreographed presentation that includes the graceful aerobatics of the four plane Diamond Formation, exciting high energy maneuvers by the two solo pilots and a JATO demonstration by the Blue Angles C-130 Hercules support aircraft affectionately known as "Fat Albert".

Last year a friend of ours took us out on his boat and it was insane! I swear you could reach out and touch the planes themselves. Get there early for the perfect bleacher seats...or if you'd like, ride your bike to a high hill overlooking downtown, relax and avoid the crowds all together. Whichever way you choose to see the show, I hope it sends tingles down your spine...

For showtimes, schedules, ticket prices and more visit

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swing Night (8/29)

Friday, August 29th, 2008

This free, outdoor jazz concert will explode on the deck of the parking garage at The Cleveland Museum of Art. This Friday will feature swing tunes performed by the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra.

Cash bars and food stations offer beer, wine, and soft drinks; additional offerings include snack baskets, cheese boards, chips, salsa, and guacomole, and other appetizers. The Museum Café inside is open until 7:00 each evening with salads, soups and sandwiches. Tables and chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests can bring their own chairs, but no outside food or beverages permitted.

6 to 10 p.m. Concerts will be cancelled for rain; call 216-707-2665 day of concert for recorded information.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Morning at the Market

What could be better than a morning spent exploring at the Westside Market? ( This past Saturday morning a friend of mine and I enjoyed breakfast at the Market Café before heading into the hustle and bustle of the market crowd. Mimosas and Eggs Benedict (with French fries!) was a delicious treat, but did you know the café also has a large wine menu and may be a nice place to catch happy hour some evening?

After breakfast we hit the cheese stand (Mackenzie Creamery, saffron goat cheese is out of this world), the market coffee bar, the bread stand and some of the various produce vendors (for fresh cherries!) Not only is the market a place to practice your “haggling” skills it is filled with some really great graphics. As a designer I find my eye drawn to the simple, unique and visually bold works of art, who knew watermelon cartons, strawberry crates and boxes filled with cabbage and apples could be works of art unto themselves. Check it out.

So next time you wakes up early on a Saturday morning and are looking to explore a food fantasy and a untapped art gallery, take a spin down to West 25th and Lorain Ave. It is a delight for the senses. :)

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Just a note to say happy weekend Cleveland.

Sleep in. Make a big breakfast. Get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather upon us. :)

Happy tune.

Bay village native, turned singer songwriter Kate Voegele has a smashing hit on the official Olympics Soundtrack called “Lift Me Up.” It is a happy little tune that will inspire all of us to get out there and run faster, bike farther, lift more or just be better people. Congrats Kate, that’s fantastic!

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Green Patriot

On July 4th, more than sixty buses hit the streets of Cleveland encouraging “Green Patriotism” with posters designed by native designer Michael Bierut. The posters, which are visible on buses across the city, promote the use of mass transit and valorize buses as sound for the environment as well as for the vitality of Cleveland. Interior bus ads promote the development of green jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Bierut says, “Back in the 30s and 40s, folksinger Woody Guthrie had a slogan on his guitar: ‘This machine kills fascists.’ I was looking for a similar kind of statement to turn every bus ride into a blow for the environment.”

The project was organized in conjunction with The Canary Project: Landscapes of Climate Change, an exhibition on display through 10 August at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Canary is using the project to inaugurate a nationwide program with posters from a wide range of designers. Pentagram also developed the program’s emblem, a green silhouette of a Revolutionary War Minuteman. I think its darling!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

an Absinthe affair (8/28)

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Since 1912 the green elixir of darkness has been illegal to our country, but guess what? Not any more! Why? You might ask…the government never banned absinthe itself but rather thujone, the wormwood-derived compound that supposedly gives the stuff its trippy edge. However, modern chemical analysis shows that thujone survives distilling in quantities so small they are actually legal. God I LOVE science.

Don’t miss Pier W’s Absinthe tasting, where you can sample an array of once forbidden liquor...experience the "green fairy." If you aren’t in the mood to taste numerous samples of the green delight, a tall glass of bubbly with a shot of absinthe is a perfect nightcap for you. I have drank it once, in a tall champagne flute and I felt like I was right out of a 1940’s French film, super glamorous. I am definitely not going to miss this event, a glamorously-trippy evening perhaps? :)

7:00 pm $20.00 per person. For reservations call 216.228.2250 or visit
Remember "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder"

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Art & Hip Hop (8/23)

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

City Xpressions Street Art/Hip Hop Festival celebrates urban and street art in its dynamic and eclectic forms. Inspired by the miles of graffiti exhibited along Cleveland's public transit routes, the festival brings aerosol and other street artists out of invisibility by providing a public space for the creation of their beautiful, controversial artworks. In its seventh year, City Xpressions continues to evolve with the voices of the artists leading the way.

This annual grafitti/hip hop competion is still going strong and hosted by Cleveland Public Art. A full day of music is hosted by Q Nice and includes performances by: Forrest Getemgump, DJ Doc, Go-Live Grizzlies and more!

10am-7pm, Market Square Park (located across the street from the West Side Market), Sponsored by Scion

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wine & Ballet in Tremont (8/23)

This Saturday evening you will find me, with a picnic and a blanket nestled in Lincoln Park, the central hub of Tremont for the annual complimentary dance show by Verb Ballet (

Verb Ballets' mission is to promote and develop interest in and appreciation for contemporary dance through performance, programs that promote learning and nurture wellness, audience and community dialogue and advocacy efforts to support the art form. Verb Ballets has a steadfast mission to promote and foster emerging talent, present excellence in contemporary choreographers, and revive and honor Modern Dance classics.

Actually, if I plan my day right, I may even be able to swing by the new wine bar at Visible Voice ( prior to the show. This independent bookstore is inviting and relaxing and would be a great place to explore while in the neighborhood.

8:00pm. Bring the Family, your Friends... Enjoy the Magic of the Arts in Tremont's Lincoln Park!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Warehouse Festival (8/24)

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon strolling around our lovely downtown historic warehouse district at the fourth annual street festival. Enjoy, fabulous local faire, open houses of dramatic lofts and condos, an art show and things to do with the kids are some of the happenings you’ll find. One of the areas local band faves called the Spazmatics (80’s pop cover band) will be playing on one of the three entertainment stages kicking off at 5:00pm. If you want to listen to less “Duran Duran” and more “Ella,” the Northcoast Jazz Collective will be performing in front of the Hoyt Block Building from 1-4pm. Sounds like a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, don’t you think?

For more details on the festival events call 216.344.3937

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy in August

Well folks, it’s mid august. Time to revel in what an amazing Cleveland summer it’s been thus far and plan for the next few long weeks of sunshine that lie ahead. Many of you have reported in and shared with me stories of favorite beach days, great outdoor concerts, festivals, happenings and where to grab the best ice cream in town, for that I am thankful.

I read a blog called The Scoop ( on a very daily basis. It is written by two savvy designers, one out of Cleveland and the other from our neighboring design hood, Chi-town. The Scoop delivers my daily dose of good interior design, amazing fashion deals, great cheap & chic accessories and much, much more! The authors, Laura & Emily are constantly sharing a glimpse into their favorites, recommendations, must do’s, etc.

Last week the design duo wrote about what makes them happy and I thought it was a great idea….and with that I decided to try it out myself. Being that this blog try’s its best to be very specific about what makes Cleveland fun, I thought I could try and identify the top ten things that make me happy in Cleveland in August. If you have favorite please comment, I can’t wait to hear from you. :)

1 : Ohio Tomatoes and Red Wine.
There is nothing better than spending your Saturday afternoon at Bar Cento ( (located on west 25th across from the West side Market) sipping a carafe of house red wine and indulging in their heirloom tomato salad with fresh mozzarella cheese served al fresco. This lovely little bistro has become somewhat of an addiction to me. I crave green, purple and yellow tomatoes in my sleep.

2. Summer Reading.
I love the Cleveland Public Library Downtown Reading Garden. Its peaceful, serene oasis set within the city limits is a wonderful place to escape and read. I also love to find a little coffee hot spot to curl up with a good book before the day starts (granted it doesn’t happen often enough) and I can squeeze in a chapter or two. I just finished a summer “chic-lit” feast describing the happenings of an over privileged dysfunctional family from California called “All We Ever Wanted,” good trash. Currently; since I’m in the “back to school mode” I am reading “Ahead of the Curve; an insight into Harvard Business School,” it is an incredible recap of one students encounter with the Ivy League monster. What are you reading?

3. Good Ride.
My car, my bike and my bike rack make me happy in Cleveland this summer. Riding in the Metroparks in the morning as the sun peaks its’ way through the trees is invigorating while a spin down Lake Avenue at dusk lets you see inside some of the areas most desired homes. Have you taken your wheels down the newly paved Clifton Blvd, now that there no potholes you can really fly!

4. Billowy Breeze.
While laying out at the beach the other afternoon, I realized one of the things that are so great about August is the breeze off the lake. In June and July the newly heated summer air is heavy, as we roll through August mother earth prepares for the cooler fall afternoon and evenings. August is a great time of year to open the windows and let the breeze fill your home with fresh air.

5. Summer Beauty.
I am a “product” person. I like to try every cream, lotion and potion on the market. If there is a lip balm or mascara that hits the shelves I am one of the firsts to try them out. This month I discovered my new favorite nail polish color by OPI called Moon Over Mumbai, its slight grey tint won’t be around long so I must stock up! Also, speaking of stocking up, it’s time to go visit, the lovely woman who works the “Angel” counter at Nordstrom’s at Beachwood Mall. I have worn this classic scent for over ten years and in August it is best kept in the fridge for a cool spritz on your way out the door.

6. Strong Blooms.
In August the strong flowers prevail! Our Lemon Lime Hydrangeas are in full effect and the daisies are smiling as the sun fills their petals with August heat. Plus what could be better than going outdoors with your trusty pair of scissors for a FREE bouquet, nothing.

7. Summer Movies.
After a long summer day, filled with bike rides and trips to the beach, an evening of classic summertime flicks is perfect in August. Two of my ultimate favorites, Dirty Dancing and the Original Parent Trap. Both movies take me back to dreaming of days at sleep-away camp, making new friends, and learning how to fly in the water! ☺

8. School Supplies
Even though I don’t go back-to-school in a traditional sense, Typically August is when I get the itch to explore all the great back-to-school supplies. From notebooks and binders to pencils and scented markers the idea of a new book bag filled with “tools” for learning gets me ready to write that first book report. If I were heading back to school the “For Like Ever” Tote sold at Room Service ( would be my new book bag of choice!

9. Point and Shoot.
It wouldn’t be summer without my camera beside me at all times. Whether capturing pics of Cleveland summer or an evening out with friends, being the designated “shooter” is a-okay with me. When February rolls around I will pull up my August shots and reminisce about a perfect summer.

10. Summer tunes.
Doesn’t the radio (or your ipod) always sound better when you are driving around with the windows down? Driving during the summer months, it doesn’t matter what type of tunes you prefer whether a live show or a cd mix from a friend, try rolling the car windows down, turning up the base (but not to be obnoxious) and realize that summer doesn’t last forever, so soak it all in to some great music; it makes sense, since we are the rock and roll city.

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WOW! (8/21)

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Throughout this summer, the folks over at University Circle Inc. have planned, presented and perfected “Wade Oval Wednesday’s.” With only a few more Wednesday’s left in the series don’t miss out.

All of the museum are open late with special reduced missions, Check out Gourmets in the Garden at the Botanical Garden where area chefs present some menus ideas and yummy samples. Listen to Cats on Holiday a “swamp pop” band, performing rain or shine! Ride your bike to the circle and take advantage of the free bike corral, secure bike parking provide by Ohio Bike Co-op.

For additional times and information about the few remaining WOW events visit

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Into Cars? (8/16)

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Then don’t miss the Lakewood Car “Kulture” show. The car show will feature Hot Rods, Vintage and Classic Cars from 1972 and older. Each car is unique, whether it’s the custom paint job, the sweet tires or the fluffy fuzzy dice on the rearview mirror; it is a sight to see. Along with the cars, vintage motorcycles, scooters, choppers and bobbers…(what’s a bobber?) …will also be on display.

The show will be open from 10am to 6pm. While you see the wheels also take in the sounds of area local bands and neighborhood eateries, something for everyone!

Before my crazy Saturday get’s started I plan to take my ride (my mtn bike!) for a spin through and admire the shiny paint and sparkly chrome. I have always heard it was a good show, but have never been able to go!

13321 Madison Ave, Lakewood OH. For more information call 216.521.2894

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crocker Park Model (8/14)

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Be sure to attend the final "episode" of Cleveland's NEXT HOT MODEL, live at Crocker Park. The crowd will decide who wins, so bring your friends and vote for your favorite finalist. After the show, stick around for live music and more. If it's a nice evening it should make for a good crowd, don't miss out!

Shown here are finalists from round 1 Mike Gunn and Michelle Cupka.

For more information on the show visit or

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrate Vinyl (8/12)

Hello Cleveland Music fans...

Just a quick note to say that August 12th is National Vinyl Record Day, the date Edison invented the phonograph in 1877.

So go up to the attic and get out your turn table and spin those tunes. Visit the rock hall ( and support our music revolution history. Stop by Bent Crayon ( to take home an imported vinyl treasure...or go see a show tonight where records may still be included...(perhaps Kate Tunstall at HOB will spin a tune or two?)

Don't let the records die. Celebrate vinyl.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Did you know? (08/08)

Today is National Frozen Custard Day.

It is the kick off to this years Olympics, (08/08/08 @ 8:00, on NBC).


Tickets to the November 10th, Girl Talk concert at the Beachland went on sale this morning? (I bought mine!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. :)

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Amuse me.

I have to confess, I recently purchased an 'Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine,' for work reference only. I am not a big Ray fan in general but this issue was filled many Cleveland references that I couldn't resist sharing.

The big story, America's Greatest Amusement Parks, Bigger! Faster! Taller! features the one and only Cedar Point. For a low (?) cost of $43 a ticket ($16 for children) you can visit this 138-year-old Ohio summertime institution. Get there early and plan to stay late (park closes at 10:00 pm) as there are so many roller coaters at this park, and you can't ride just once.

Some of my favorites (and Rachel's) are the Raptor (I love to let my legs hang free and flip over almost 6 times) and Millennium Force (what could be better than flying at 93 mph?). I haven't had the opportunity to ride Maverick yet but I can't wait to check it out. A day at Cedar Point isn't complete without a visit to Frontier Trail to watch the artisans blow glass and bend steel, true craftsman.

Picking up the pub at the checkout aisle at least got me re-excited to visit our "neighborhood" amusement park. Still not a big fan of the "fire pistol," but at least we see eye-to-eye one one thing...the Top Thrill Dragster is a killer way to kick off your day at the park. We should go sometime! :)

For more park information visit

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fair time. (8/05-10)

Can you believe it’s August? I can’t. I still have lots of things I need to “get in” to call it an official summer. A game of put put golf at Memphis Kiddie Park. A few more trips out on the Kayaks. Ice cream at Honey Hut and perhaps even an evening of firefly collecting (just kidding...sorta). But most of all summer in Cleveland wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the fair!

The Cuyahoga County Fair runs now until Sunday at the Berea Fairgrounds. Pack your Purell and go to oogle the baby pigs and cows, the best tasting blueberry pies, the gorgeous gladiolas grown-locally and more. General admission is $5.95 (children 3-12 yrs old $4.95) or after 9:30 pm, $3.00. If you want to take a spin on the Ferris wheel or bumper cars (my favorite) ride tickets are $.50 each (2 tickets per ride) or purchase an all-day ride band for just $12.

What could be more summer than a evening at the fair? Cotton Candy (love the sweet smell and baby pink hue) and corn on the cob. Live music and motor sports. Activities for you (flea market) the kids (bubble gum blowing contest) and your strange “uncle Eric” (the great bear show). Add it to this weekend’s list.

For fair schedule, directions and more information visit

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A New Burger In Town

It’s summertime so I am obliged to dive into my lunch of salad and fresh fruit. But what I am really craving is one of those greasy hamburgers from Five Guy Burgers.

A few weeks ago we went there for an office lunch outing and although I must say I was thinking about how I could try and order something healthy the entire drive there, once inside the newest Ohio location at Westgate Plaza I was overcome by the scent of flame grilled (right?) goodness. I don’t know if they fry up the burgers in butter, but they were so good, so good that I am recommending them as must-go-to this summer. With each burger you choose the toppings...mushrooms, onions, mustard & cheese...and your burger is made to perfection...the fries are not so bad either! :)

I will say that although this salad is a 9 on a scale of 10 being the just isn’t the same as that burger....dreaming of Five Guys! :)

For additional locations and menu visit

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Pillow Talk? (08/09)

Saturday, August 9th, 2008.

Do you have Saturday afternoon plans? :) The Eleventh Annual Cinema at the Square Series returns to the Palace Theatre. For the ultimate visual experience, the films are shown on the Palace’s 20 foot-high by 47 foot-wide super Hurly-Glo projection screen – the largest non-Imax screen in Ohio.

This Saturday's flick is Pillow Talk, directed by Michael Gordon, Staring Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randal. A womanizing music composer repeatedly antagonizes the other half of his party line when she complains of his constant telephone use. Mutual hatred ensues, though the two had never previously met. Later, he manipulates her into falling in love with him by adopting the persona of a Southern Gentleman and playing this personality off of his own in a series of occasionally tag-team "three way" party line conversations. She later discovers his deception and is outraged. The film ends (hilariously) with him breaking down her front door and dragging her screaming out of bed through downtown New York, past a police officer, and finally up the stairs to his apartment where everything is made all right again by his condescension to marry her. A delightfully charming piece of Americana. 1959

Moviegoers will be treated to pre-show organ recitals on a restored 1928 Kimball organ as well as a delightful, classic cartoon, pre-movie.

For more information including more shows and times visit

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Friday, August 1, 2008

BOGO Ice Cream

Stop into Malley's Ice Cream Parlor on Madison Ave (near 117th) in Lakewood and with every ice cream purchase you will get one free! It's a Buy One Get One for ice cream! Grab a friend or two and sit and enjoy the quaint space, the illustrations of Alice and Wonderland and crew are worth the trip alone...but the homemade hot fudge is pretty good too!

I don't have the details on this promo, but for more information give them a shout at 216.529.6262. Enjoy!

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Cleveland Represents in '08

Well, actually Lebron represents, but since we feel like he is “ours,” join me in celebrating James in the 2008 Olympics!

Now, let’s say a little prayer he gets better real soon....Cavaliers superstar LeBron James sprained his right ankle on Tuesday in practice with the US Olympic basketball team, US media reported. The Las Vegas Sun said the NBA scoring champion rolled his ankle on the foot of Oklahoma City swingman and reigning Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant, who was playing for a team of NBA players brought in to practice against the Olympians prior to next weeks Games in Beijing.

The United States Olympic opener is against China on August 10..tune in and cheer our hometown boy on.

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FREE Yoga (8/02)

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Have you been meaning to get back to the mat? Trying to prepare for your fall yoga routine? Need to stretch and relax your shoulders from too much time on the computer? Visit Inner Bliss yoga Studio in Rocky River this weekend for a whole day of complimentary yoga classes. Come for one class or stay for the whole day. You are invited to bring a friend or a few!.

This free day of yoga is a way for Inner Bliss to express how thankful they for all who practice at their studio, it also kicks off a week dedicated to giving back.

For more information on the schedule of classes and about the entire week celebration, visit

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Block Party (8/01)

Friday, August 1st, 2008

University Circle and the Cleveland Music Settlement have teamed up to get all of the institutions, organizations and residents to open their doors and give the neighbors on our street, and their friends and family, a chance to learn a bit more about each other and the fantastic homes and buildings they occupy.

The Cleveland Music Settlement will provide music on their lawn throughout the day. Participants can get their "passports" punched at each venue for a raffle drawing. Winners will be drawn at 5:45 pm in front of The Settlement.

Here's your chance to visit grand Magnolia Drive homes and buildings and learn more about each business on our lovely and unique street! 3-6pm. For more information, visit

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